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The Association for Promotion of Homeopathic Medicine (APMH) is a National Association funded on May 30th, 1991. It aims at defending and promoting homeopathic medicine through various communication channels including press, TV and conferences. Its mission includes public information and monitoring of public health actions or measures taken in relation to homeopathy.

Homeopathy cures all living things, be it the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom or the human

The APMH publishes a quarterly newsletter which is personally sent to every member. It contains feature articles written by homeopaths (physicians, pharmacists, veterinary, dentists...) as well as news and letters to the editor.

Over the past decade, APMH has been developing agro-homeopathy in Morocco as well as in France by offering MSA-supported training. It also proposes that training in family homeopathy for all audiences, in response to the increasingly dramatic shortage of homeopathic doctors in France.

Isabelle Rossi - President

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Association pour la Promotion de la Médecine Homéopathique
80 rue Inkerman 69006 Lyon - Tel : 06 89 28 33 20 - courriel : apmh.asso@orange.fr
Association régie par la loi 1901 - déclaration N°W691069632 - ISSN: 1969-3109
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